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Get Every Single Answers Here.

Cloud mining is also known as shared mining. It is a mode of generating bitcoin without using personal hardware. Users of cloud mining services buy premium contracts allowing them to rent mining hardware from the owner of huge data centers and earn profit by using those devices.
You can contact us via the contact us page or send mail to [email protected]
A referral link is an affiliate link to register on our mining platform. which you can find through your account in the referrals tab. You can earn passive income from each contract that the user registered through your referral link.
To activate your promo code, select plan and add the given code in the promo code section.
BTConline is a trusted bitcoin mining platform developed by a team of blockchain professionals in 2017 in the United Kingdom. We own real mining infrastructure with low fixed electricity cost and 0 taxes up to 100 MW provided by the Minister of State for Business, Energy, and Clean Growth.
We release payout daily basis. We allocate the payout to our clients automatically, in some cases we do it manually. You can get an unlimited payout once you reach the minimum payment threshold.
The contract will be activated instantly once we receive and confirm the payment. You can get the first payout within 24 hours of the activation.
The minimum payment threshold is 0.005 BTC.
We are offering two types of mining contracts: the one with free and the one premium. Free users have to pay a maintenance fee of 0.001 BTC, recommended to upgrade premium plans to avoid maintenance fees.